In addition to offering our own range of quality images, we also offer the following photographic services to those who may not have the time, equipment or knowledge to do the work themselves.


We have recently invested in scanning software which uses advanced algorithms to remove dust and scratch marks, thus removing the need to risk damaging slides by physical cleaning (which rarely works effectively anyway). We can scan your collections and present them to you as printed or digital images (subject to copyright). Please ask for a no obligations price quote.


Over the years old photographs and postcards undergo changes in their chemical composition which makes the image deteriorate and become faded or discoloured. The older the photo the more likely this is to happen as sophisticated chemical processes were not available. They can also become stained, creased or torn - things are made worse by storing them in damp conditions or by leaving them displayed in sunlit rooms for long periods.

We can take your original image; it can be anything you treasure from an old wedding or family photo to an Edwardian postcard and make a high definition scan: this has absolutely no effect on the original which is handled with extreme care and returned to you in exactly the same condition it was in when we received it. From that point we only work on the duplicated image. We can remove writing or other marks from the image and heighten contrast and definition, turning an old browned photo into a pristine black & white one. We can electronically ‘repair’ tears and crease lines and remove stains and other marks. We return your original image to you with a either a high quality printed copy of the restored image, a digital image, or both.

This service has to be priced according to the amount of work involved and the size of the original image. The starting price is £12.00 (excluding P&P) and our promise is that we will always confirm the final cost before we start work and will never charge you any more than that. We will never baffle you with technical jargon, we will simply provide you with the best solution at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on delivering realistic expectations - if your photo cannot be repaired we will tell you and charge you nothing except the return postage.

Click on the image on the left - then click on the right hand one (or use the 'next' button) to see what a simple and quick renovation process can achieve.